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    Förenade Naturvetare

    120 - Eddie Vuong

    Hello, my name is Eddie and I’m studying my second year in biotechnology. In the student union I strive to enable students from all programs to access adequate homework support for no matter what course they are taking. Preferable, the homework system should be held by students for students. There is mathsupport in Chalmers library at two times every week, and support in Matlab at some occasions during the course of seven weeks. This is good but further complements are necessary to enable students to pass a course no matter how difficult it is. By experience I understand the importance of lectures, study sessions, and a good communication between lecturer and student to succeed in individual studies. The reality of a reexamination is that one will lose access to important study sessions with a knowledgeable supervisor, and also lose access to further lectures since these are no longer scheduled. This further implicates the significance of a functioning homework system which may compensate for these study sessions and lectures. Additionally, in the student union I also want to propose a system where students can borrow laptops which are compatible with other technical equipment in Chalmers such as adapters to projectors. In terms of oral examinations which must be supported by technical equipment, it would be good for students if they could access laptops where these frequent technical issues may be neglected or at least diminished.