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    Förenade Naturvetare

    121 - Drilon Haxhijaj

    Hi. My name is Drilon Haxhijaj and I’m 22 years old. I study my second year at the biotechnology program at Chalmers university of technology. What I spend my spare time on may vary, for example, between working, meeting friends, going to the gym, playing soccer, studying and socializing with my family. Because I spend most of my time studying or being at school, I have two improvement suggestions regarding school and how students will do better. The first suggestion is that I want to make sure that students whom fail their exams get the support the need, for example by creating more re-exam occasions. The students can feel more hope about getting in phase with their studies with more re-exam occasions. It not only hope this suggestion brings to the students, it also gives them less time to forget about the course that the exam was failed at. The second suggestion is to create more group rooms or at least a better system regarding the booking of these group rooms. Research shows that students learn the most while studying together, why not spend time on thoughts about improvements regarding the system that actually makes sure that students have some place to study together?